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Illume Shaftless Skylights

Add lighting to the darker areas of your home.


Presenting a new Shaftless skylight system that can be installed anywhere. Illume performs in exactly the same manner as a traditional skylight by creating a harmony between external and internal lighting conditions.

Units can also be fitted to the house electrical system, this provides solar powered lighting during the day and the ability to turn the lights on during the night.




Unlike traditional skylights, there is no light shaft, thus eliminating traditional problems associated with skylights -  No dead insects, No leaks, No heat transfer

Units are not limited to rooms with direct roof access, they can be installed in almost any room. 


IllumeShaftCompare thumbIllume House 1b










Can be easily installed on both tile and metal roofs. See below and watch the easy to follow installation video.


Instalation Video

Flush mounted units are also available, these fit directly to the ceiling and therefore eliminate the need to cut a full size hole in ceiling.



For further information and pricing, please contact us and we will gladly assist you further.