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Our fencing is locally made with Colorbond materials and come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty (conditions apply).

Our range includes:

  Colorbond Fencing

  Steel Welded Fencing

  Aluminium slat fencing / screening

  Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

  Semi-frameless glass pool fencing/span

  Aluminium Pool Fencing





Colorbond fencing

Coloursmart colorbond steel fencing is a cost effective fencing system made from colorbond blueScope steel and backed by 10 year blueScope warranty. There are 22 available colours, range includes panels, posts, gates and accessories.

Panels are available in a number of widths and heights.


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Steel welded fencing


Jackaroo steel welded fencing is a mesh style fencing system available in powder coated black in a variety of heights and lengths, posts, gates and accessories.


Jackaroo panel 1.2h x 2.2w $75ea

Jackaroo gate 1.2h x 0.970w $110ea

Jackaroo post 50 x50 x 1.8m height $35ea with cap.










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Aluminium slat fencing / screening


Aluminium slat screening is a versatile DIY system with different slat widths and lengths available. Suitable for screening, fencing, brick infills, entry gates, utility covers, patio or carport enclosures and window screens.                   

65 x 16 x 2400 slat $24.95ea

90 x 16 x 2400 slat $29.95ea

Visage 1 way channel post 1800h $49ea

Visage 2 way channel post 1800h $53.50ea

Visage channel post base plate $10ea

Visage 20mm channel 1.8m 14.50ea 2.4m $28.95ea

Other lengths and sizes available.


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Frameless Glass Pool fencing

Pool Glass Frameless8

Frameless glass pool fencing is a modern attractive pool fencing system without blocking vision into your outdoor area. Glass panels come in a wide range of widths ranging from 300mm to 2000mm widths, raked or retaining wall panels, gates, hardware, spigots(posts) are available. All panels and gates are predrilled to suit spigots, latches and hinges.                                 

12mm toughened glass panel 1200h x 600w $46.50ea

12mm toughened glass panel 1200h x 1000w $77.80ea

8mm toughened gate glass panel 1200h x 900w $60ea

Stainless steel round spigots $72ea

Many other sizes of panel and gates are available.

Pool Glass Frameless5 Pool Glass Frameless9














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Semi-frameless glass pool fencing/span


Semi-frameless is another modern glass fencing system with aluminium posts for extra support for the glass and having a wide range of accessories to suit, including gates, latches, hinges etc. Many different available panel widths also available.

Semi-frameless glass panel 1200h x 675w $49.95ea

Semi-frameless glass panel 1200h x 1275w $94.50ea

Semi-frameless gate glass 1200h x 800w $60.95ea

One way/two way/ or corner semi-frameless post with base plate 1258mm height $50.95ea







Pool Glass Frameless4














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Aluminium Pool Fencing


Traditional looking pool fencing made from powder coated aluminium and comes in a variety of styles and colours

1200h x 2400w flat top black pool fence panel $87.95ea

1200 x 3000w flat top black pool fence panel $132.95ea

1200h x 970w flat top black pool fence gate $75.95ea

1800 x 50 x 50 black fence post with cap $24.95ea

Panel bracket $2.95ea













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For further information and pricing, please contact us and we will gladly assist you further.