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Custom Flashings

A & D Discount Roofing Supplies carry a variety of Factory Seconds flashings.  Should we not have your required flashing/s, we are able to arrange for these to be made to your specifications.


Flashing prices vary, subject to the following criteria:

  • Overall Girth / width of the material used  (Tapered flashings are charged based on the widest girth of the material)

  • Number of times it is required to be pressed / folded  (A squash fold - where the metal is folded back over itself and pressed is charged as two folds)

  • The length of the flashing


When ordering flashings ALL angles and lengths must be defined as well as the side on which the colour is to be shown.  It is strongly recommended that for accuracy, you should forward a drawing of your required flashing/s.


Some common flashings are shown below:


Product Name



Apron Flashings


Apron Flashings are generally used to protect horizontal corners  ( Eg where a roof meets a wall ) or alternatively over windows and doorways to deflect the water away from the structure.

Available in colorbond or zinc finishes

 Apron Flashing with squash fold

 Apron Flashing with Squash Fold

Details are as above, however, this design has a squash fold, which removes the raw metal edge to help prevent injury.

Commonly used around windows and areas where people are likely to come in contact with the flashing.

Available in colorbond or zinc finishes

External Corner

 External Corner

Used to protect / hide areas where two sheets meet at differing angles.  Eg. Corner of a building / shed

If required, the sides can be made to different lengths to accomodate areas where surfaces do not neatly fit.

Available in colorbond or zinc finishes

Internal Corner

 Internal Corner

Used to hide / protect areas where two surfaces meet. Eg. internal walls, or wall to ceiling

the extra bends towards the edges are designed to stiffen and straighten the edge - these can be made to your design, but in most cases would be 10 mm "Feather Bends" (approx 10 degrees)

Available in colorbond or zinc finishes

Folded Barge

 Barge 1

Barge 2

Made to fit over the edge of the roof, to protect and hide any underlying structure eg. batens, purlins, rafters.

Available in colorbond or zinc finishes


Can't see your preferred profile listed? Contact us directly and we will endeavour to locate the product for you.