Colorbond is a pre-painted steel roofing material which is long lasting and resistant to different weather conditions. Featuring corrugating iron metal sheets, it’s very strong yet lightweight. Offering a clean, contemporary look it comes pre-painted in a variety of popular on-trend colours and doesn’t require painting.

  • Long Lasting
  • Doesn’t need painting
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping
  • Pre-painted, available in 22 colours
  • Resistance to termite attacks


Made from Zincalume steel, which is a premium metallic-coated steel product, Zincalume consists of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. This coating gives it a lifetime of almost four times that of galvanized steel which helps make it a perfect roofing material.

Silver or metallic in colour, a Zincalume roof is highly resistance to corrosion and has high thermal efficiency.

  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Edge protection
  • Non combustible
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Keeps your home cool in Summer and warm in Winter


Both roofing materials will add value and style to your home, the key difference is Colorbond steel is painted and Zincalume steel is not.

If you prefer cool, warm, light, dark, subtle or bold shades, Colorbond has colours to match your home’s look.

Zincalume is metallic or silver in colour and is less expensive but is not as durable as Colorbond. If you like things simple, this is an excellent option.

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