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Relationship with Customers

Our dedicated, friendly sales staff at A & D Discount Roofing Supplies treat every customer as an individual, offering genuine personalised service. We take the time to listen to you and then talk you through all your options so you can make the right choice that’s within your budget. From expert advice and affordable prices to our multiple suppliers, after sales support and fast turn-around times, everything we do is designed to give you a positive experience. Using an interpreter App, we can even make communication easier for customers where English is their second language. It’s just another way, we’re looking after you.

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beachside houses

Why Colorbond® Ultra Steel Is Perfect for Homes Built by the Ocean

If you’re building or refurbishing a beachside home, consider using Colorbond Ultra steel for your roofing and cladding.  Specially pre-painted and coated, Colorbond Ultra steel minimises corrosion from salt and ocean spray, ensuring your roof always looks stunning and is protected from the harsh elements associated with beachside living.    Colorbond Ultra steel is specifically manufactured…
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Steel Roof

Colorbond Roofing Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

A roof made from Colorbond steel can make your home more energy efficient, which is good news for the environment and your budget. Especially in Australia’s harsh climate, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter is always a challenge. In Summer, an insulated Colorbond steel roof causes less heat to be radiated into your…
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Zincalume roofing sheets types

Colorbond Vs Zincalume Roofing

But which one is right for your home? Let’s take a closer look.   Colorbond Roofing Colorbond is a pre-painted steel roofing material which is long lasting and resistant to different weather conditions. Featuring corrugating iron metal sheets, it’s very strong yet lightweight. Offering a clean, contemporary look it comes pre-painted in a variety of…
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insulated patios roof in homes

Why Insulated Patios Are Your Best Choice

Insulated Roofing Panels & Patio Kits Giving you and your family protection form the harsh Sun and the elements. Our Insulated Roofing Panels & Patio Kits are an Australian made BlueScope Colorbond product. They’re suitable for all weather conditions and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. They make a fabulous addition…
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