Here at A & D Discount Roofing in Loganholme, we know gutters might not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you think about curb appeal, but trust us, they play a vital role in maintaining your property’s value and structural integrity.

The Role of Gutters

Gutters might not be the flashiest feature on your house, but they play a vital role in its overall functionality and integrity. They act as the first line of defence against water damage, efficiently channelling rainwater away from your roof, foundation, and walls. By preventing water build-up, gutters help safeguard your home from costly repairs and potential structural issues, ensuring it stays beautiful and functional for years to come.

Colorbond Guttering – Built Tough for Aussie Weather

Colorbond is a popular choice when it comes to guttering. You can choose from 24 stylish colours and you’re guaranteed a system that not only looks fantastic but can handle anything the Brisbane weather throws at it. From torrential downpours to wild summer storms – Colorbond can take it!

Selecting the Perfect Colorbond Colour

Let’s look at choosing the perfect Colorbond colour for your gutters. The key is to take a step back and admire the existing colour scheme of your home. Look at your roof, fascia boards, window trims – the whole thing. Here’s where the magic happens:

  • Matching your existing roof: Want to create the illusion of a longer roof line? Selecting a Colorbond gutter colour that complements your existing roof and trims is the way to go. This creates a seamless flow from top to bottom, making your home look modern.
  • Contrasting Colours: Feeling a bit adventurous? Don’t be afraid to play with contrasting colours! This can add some serious definition to your home’s exterior, particularly for heritage-style builds. But remember, it’s all about personal preference.

Choosing Your Gutter Profile

When it comes to Colorbond gutters, you’re not limited to just one style. Here at A & D Discount Roofing, we offer a variety of profiles to suit any architectural taste:

  • Square Set for Modern Appeal: Love the clean lines of modern or contemporary homes? Then the square-set gutter profile is your perfect match. Its sharp angles complement the straight lines of your home’s exterior, creating a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Quad: The Quintessential Heritage Charm: For those with a love for heritage-style homes, the Colorbond Quad gutter is a dream come true. Its softly rounded front adds a touch of charm that perfectly complements the timeless elegance of these classic builds.
  • Half Round: A Touch of Colonial Flair: Can’t get enough of that timeless colonial style? The half-round gutter profile is your best bet. Its classic curves evoke a sense of history and grandeur, making it the perfect finishing touch for your colonial homestead.

Get Inspired with Lysaght’s Visualiser Tool

Feeling overwhelmed by all these choices? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered. Head over to Lysaght’s handy visualiser tool – CLICK HERE and start playing around with different Colorbond colour and profile combinations. It’s a fantastic way to see how your dream gutters will look on your virtual home before you commit.

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