Living in Queensland, we’re blessed with endless sunshine, sparkling shores, and that distinctive salty Queensland air. But when it comes to our homes, the beauty of being near the coast can present unique challenges. Sun, salt, and sea spray take their toll, especially on our roofs. That’s why a COLORBOND® Ultra roof is the perfect solution.

Its unwavering resilience against the coastal elements ensures your roof withstands the harshest sun, saltiest spray, and strongest winds, keeping your home protected and pristine for years to come.

Coastal Resilience You Can Rely On

Living within 500 metres of the ocean? No problem! COLORBOND® Ultra is the preferred roofing material for coastal areas for a reason. Its advanced paint finish boasts superior corrosion resistance, standing strong against the harsh effects of salt spray and sea air. Unlike lesser materials, COLORBOND® Ultra won’t rust, crumble, or fade, ensuring your roof maintains its structural integrity and stunning good looks for years to come.

Sun-Kissed Style with a Cool Head

Queensland summers are legendary, and keeping your home cool is a priority. COLORBOND® Ultra’s innovative technology comes to the forefront again with its exceptional solar reflectance properties. The sun bounces off, not in, keeping your house cooler and reducing the need for energy-guzzling air conditioning. That translates to not only a more comfortable home but also savings on your electricity bills.

A Colourful Palette for Your Coastal Canvas

COLORBOND® Ultra doesn’t disappoint with its vibrant array of colours, allowing you to express your unique style. From modern greys that echo the cool elegance of the ocean to warm browns that capture the sun-kissed hues of the sand, there’s a perfect shade to complement your coastal haven. Go bold with a playful blue, mimicking the endless expanse of the sky, or opt for a sleek black that adds a touch of contemporary sophistication. The possibilities are endless, letting you create a home that truly reflects your personality.

Scratch Resistance for a Flawless Finish

Life on the coast isn’t always calm and tranquil. Strong winds can toss debris, and playful seagulls may mistake your roof for their personal landing pad. But with COLORBOND® Ultra, you can breathe easy. Its advanced coating technology delivers exceptional scratch resistance, ensuring your roof stays pristine even when things get a little rough and tumble. No more unsightly nicks or scratches, just a beautiful, lasting finish that adds to your home’s curb appeal.

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