Many property owners across Australia, regularly use merbau timber for decking, panelling, flooring, fences and much more. This versatile timber is a popular choice because of the durability and stylish finish it brings to any project. 

If you have been considering merbau timber for your home, it’s essential to first understand the maintenance involved. Caring for it means it will last for a longer period of time without requiring repairs or replacement. At A&D Discount Roofing in Loganholme, one of our product categories is our range of merbau including beams and posts. Our skilled team has become specialists in merbau timber care, and we would like to share some of our top tips with you below. 

Protecting your merbau timber

Whether it’s a fence, decking or beams, it’s important to take the time to ensure your merbau timber has been efficiently protected. Merbau contains natural oils that work to protect it from cracks and splits. This is, however, not quite enough to fully protect it. That’s why oil treatments should be applied to your to enhance this level of natural protection. Replenishing the natural oils from within the timber while also adding extra protection against UV rays. 

Keep your merbau timber clean

It may seem like a minor step, but ensuring your timber is regularly cleaned is incredibly important in the long run. A dirty surface that isn’t regularly cleaned will collect large quantities of dirt and grime, this then creates the perfect location for bacteria and mould to grow, resulting in a chance of permanent damage to your timber. 

Sweeping or wiping down any merbau timber surfaces regularly will help remove any dirt build up before it starts to cause damage. A specific cleaner may also be used for washing the surface. Ask a specialist like the team at A&D Discount Roofing to ensure you are using the most suitable cleaning products that won’t damage the merbau timber. 

How often should oils, stain or sealers be applied?

This will all depend on your particular merbau product along with where it is located. For example, merbau out in the harsh sun every day will need more regular maintenance than if it is undercover. For this reason, you should ask and expert for guidance. Generally speaking, however, it is usually a wise move to ensure you have proper maintenance performed at least every six to twelve months. 

Have you been considering merbau timber for your property? Here at A&D Discount Roofing, we readily supply a variety of laminated merbau beams and posts in many lengths. To learn more, get in touch with our Loganholme based team today.