While road rules vary between states, it’s important to check your local laws before transporting products but for the majority of our customers, the following will apply when it comes to load safety.

Often, we have customers arrive with vehicles too small to transport their products safely and legally while some may also be unsure how to tie a load down safely on a trailer.

When transporting roofing products or other items, your vehicle must be loaded safely so it doesn’t endanger your passengers or other road users and property.

Load safety basics:

  • You must ensure your load is properly restrained.
  • It must not overhang dangerously.
  • It must not exceed load limits for the vehicle or trailer.
  • Lights, reflectors and number plates must be visible at all times
  • It must be restrained using proper methods.
  • It must not be able to make your vehicle unstable or unsafe.
  • It must not be able to be dislodged from the vehicle.

How to transport loads safely

Whether it’s roofing products or other loads, there are some things you can do to your ute or trailer to make it safer.

  • Make sure products are tightly packed and restrain them using rope or webbing straps.
  • Webbing ratchet tensioners can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries by not needing to be repeatedly pushed up when tightening a load. They allow it to be tightened gradually and any elasticity in the strap can be dealt with before transporting.
  • Smaller items should be transported within toolboxes or containers so not to roll around unrestrained.
  • Balance the load so it doesn’t affect your ability to steer or brake safely.
  • Passenger vehicles aren’t really designed to carry heavy loads so know the limitations of your car for load safety.
  • If in doubt, don’t carry the load. Get it delivered by a professional. It will likely be easier to pay a small delivery fee and have it delivered by experts than to risk damage to yourself, your vehicle, passengers and other people or objects on the road.
  • Clearly visible loads that protrude 1.2m from the back of your vehicle don’t need a warning device but loads that do must display a brightly coloured red and yellow, or yellow flag at least 4.5cm x 4.5cm fixed to the very back of your load. At night time you must transport your load with either a red warning light visible from 200m away or 2 red reflectors big enough to reflect light from a following vehicle.

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