When looking to install guttering, you have a range of options on the market but like most jobs, it should be taken care of by a professional.

There are a number of reasons you might want to install guttering. Maybe you need to replace your ageing gutter system or it is severely damaged. Maybe you want new style of guttering like a square fascia gutter. Whether it’s needing to fix those potentially dangerous leaks or sagging gutters, there are many options.

Damaged or leaking gutters can cause serious problems both inside and outside your home. If water is not diverted properly it can begin leaking both inside and out if you don’t install guttering correctly.

One of the more contemporary installations is square fascia gutters which have a modern profile and suits an array of designs. The continuity of the gutter and its light gauge also makes it the ideal product for use in garages and sheds as it can be attached directly to the underside of the roof sheeting. A square fascia gutter is strong and long-lasting because it’s made of Colorbond.

How to install guttering

Getting a quote: Any major job like installing guttering should be accompanied by a quote for the work to be completed. It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people get a shock at the end of a job because they didn’t understand the costs involved.

Proper inspection: If you are replacing guttering, part of the quote and job process is to inspect the condition of the existing guttering and any damage that has occurred as that is likely to add to the cost of installation. Sometimes the damage caused by leaks or old guttering can be extensive. Sometimes it’s easily fixed by patching up a hole. It all depends on the job to be done. Completely rusted or older damaged guttering systems may have caused stains or water issues in internal cavities. This is why a proper inspection is a must before you install guttering because ignoring leaking gutters could cost you more than you think.

Choosing a design: It’s important that the style of the guttering should match your current home or building. Designs should also incorporate the flow rate of water based on the surface area catchment because bigger roofs need bigger gutters and downpipes. Here are some tips for caring for Colorbond. You may even consider the 150 High Front Quad guttering systems as these offer a good water catchment.

Removal of old guttering: The removal of the old guttering system can then begin if you are looking to install guttering on an existing property.

Install guttering: The new guttering will be fixed to the house or building with sufficient downpipes and drainage included. Each gutter should be fully fitted with downpipes aligned with stormwater pipes.

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