Insulated patio roofing can give you an extra room in your home by creating outdoor living areas that offer protection from the weather.

At A & D Discount Roofing we also offer DIY insulated patio kits which along with custom-built installations, can keep you cool during the summer months and warmer in winter. DIY insulated patio kits are easy to install and available in a variety of colours.

What is insulated patio roofing?

Our DIY insulated patio kits offer your family superior protection by being made with Colorbond steel. Insulated patio roofing can add outdoor entertaining space to your home by creating a covered area to protect you from the elements and add value to your home by showcasing an amazing lifestyle to prospective buyers. Insulated patio roofing is constructed using contemporary designs which implement timber and smooth painted ceilings. Our DIY insulated patio kits can span more than 8 metres and are ideal for builders and tradespeople to install for you.

Freedom of choice

While insulating an outdoor space may seem like a fairly new idea compared with outdoor designs in many older homes, insulated patio roofing will make your outdoor living area more comfortable than ever before by creating an extension of the inside of your home. They give you the freedom to incorporate seamless electrical and lighting solutions as well as give your home a finish that looks more like an original design plan than an extension or afterthought. Our DIY insulated patio kits come ready to install with everything measured, cut and painted ready to install. Here are some other ways to keep your home cool in summer.

How long do insulated patios last?

Colorbond roofing is incredibly durable and weather resistant and the right care can add years to the lifespan of the products. Like most things around your home, if you maintain them properly and see to repairs before damage can be done, they can last longer than you’ll live there. Here is how to care for Colorbond steel. BlueScope Steel offers a warranty period of up to 30 years from the date of installation (Conditions Apply) against corrosion to perforation by weathering in the natural elements for some Colorbond steel products when used in roofing applications. The paint system is also warranted for 20 years from flaking and peeling.

Whether you are after a DIY insulated patio kit or want to have a chat with experts in roofing about a complete restoration or renovation to your home, give the friendly team at A & D Discount Roofing Supplies a call today on (07) 3801 3188.